Why does OCA produce the best players in the country? How did we produce 2 national team captains in 2 years???

From the time we started back in 2003, our focus has been entirely on player development. We are proud to have produced the first ever professional player to come from Canada, several U-19 World Cup players and numerous players for our country at all age group levels.

Our methods, vision, research and experience over the last 14 years, coupled with an unbreakable commitment and dedication to the sport and the future generation has helped us to be recognized as the best in the continent.

Here are some of the reasons why we have continued to produce the best players around:

Scientific based approach- technique and skill are governed by the principles of sports science.

More training time- our players spend more time than others honing their skills in our dedicated facilities.

Current Coaching Methods- all of our coaching methods are based on current thinking and research, which has been proven for success.

Treat every player as an individual- we appreciate that each player is an individual and that learning styles, physical abilities and natural ability differ from player to player. We help make you the best version of yourself.  

Balance- We understand and embrace that players must have a balance in school/work life, family, social and sport life. Our programs are designed to maximise all areas.  

Leadership- It is important to develop strong leaders on and off the field. By providing players opportunities in competitive and non-competitive environments, we have enhanced many players' leadership and management skills.

Matches- we believe that more matches, whether they be competitive and organized or recreational are vital to developing players with better match sense and match performance. That’s why we have given our players more matches than anywhere around through our international festivals hosted locally, international tours around the world and local league matches and practice games (indoor and outdoor).  

Tours- our yearly tours help players to develop skills against some of the best players around the world. These experiences have definitely given our players the competitive edge.

Knowledge and Experience- we are proven. Our knowledge and experience in making players the best they can be, speaks for itself. We understand how to make better cricketers.

Educating Parents- part of the process is to have parents educated about our methods, practices and about how their kids will develop.  Well informed parents help to support and nurture better performing kids.

Self-Driven/Discovery Learning- we believe players become stronger and more resilient through encouraging them to learn and adopt techniques by creating drills and activities which promote discovery.

Expert Coaches that care-

Our coaches are undoubtedly the best in the country. Just read their bios and you’ll understand right away why.

Derek Perera

Davy Jacobs