Young Canadians going to Sri Lanka in "Cricket for a Cause"

Cricket tour with a cause

14 young Ontarians will set off in March 2017 and embark on a 10 day cricket tour to Sri Lanka. As part of our youth cricket development program, we have undertaken yearly tours to cricket playing countries. This yearly initiative has helped give our Canadian youngsters an opportunity of playing against the best opposition in the world and thereby helping to elevate our local standards.

This tour marks the 10th international cricket tour by the Ontario Cricket Academy- and will not only be a tour of cricketing purposes, but one which will make our players better human beings and create what we hope will be a lifetime of socially responsible and caring people. As part of our mission for the tour, we will visit two orphanages in Sri Lanka in areas close to Colombo and Galle, to donate learning materials, clothing, cricket equipment and as well as hosting a meal for these disadvantaged and neglected children. 

Captain Akhil Kumar age 14, who represented the Ontario provincial U-17 team last summer and also captained the OCA team to Trinidad in 2016 is thrilled not only about the top level matches he'll be playing but also he is "proud that (we) can have a positive impact on people's lives. We want to make a difference and let them know we care".   

Our players which are at the Under 16 age group level will be interacting with the young orphans, giving them some hope and inspiration through socializing, holding a fun cricket clinic and other activities. It will be a rewarding experience for our players, and we sincerely hope that they will carry on acts of generosity and kindness throughout their entire life. Coach Davy Jacobs, former IPL Mumbai Indians player believes that "well-rounded players are not only made in the nets, in fact, these experiences teach our boys to value and appreciate all the things we have at our disposal in Canada. This will be a totally positive experience for all involved". 

From a cricketing perspective, players will have the opportunity to play against the best youth players in the cricket crazy island. They will experience a level of play and field conditions that are normally only reserved for professionals.  In addition, they will undergo training sessions with former Sri Lankan international team players and coaches, which will help to raise their levels well above our local standards.

Many Ontario Cricket Academy players who have progressed to provincial and national honours have been on tours such as this one. It is without doubt that these tours play an important role in developing higher level match play skills. 

This tour is about inspiring our players, the next generation.  To inspire and make a difference in people's lives, learning on and off the field. All in all, this tour will be a groundbreaking one, in which we will make a positive impact both on and off the field.